Neon Repair

I have been a Neon glassbender with over 30 years experience in the Neon Sign trade, I did my apprenticeship with Masonlite, who were the main supplier of neon products around the world, I left masonlite and then went on to work for Pannell Signs, bending glass for Supermarkets like Sainsburys, I left Pannell Signs two years later to work for Robin Signs making Neon for Amusemant arcades across the east coast, but mainly for Skegness, The Pier, Srikes and the Tower were among many of our customers as well as both Blue and Red Arcades at Ingolmells. I later returned to masonlite and became the manager of Trade Neon securing a major contract making Tesco Neons for their supermarket signs. After working for Masonlite I then decided to work for myself calling my company Forest Neon, this turned out to be very postive move until the influx of LED lighting rocked the neon world, many glass shops closed during this time leaving only a few glass shops going.

Neon is slowly making a come back and is becoming very popular with artists and the public alike.

Neon is a passion of mine and I aim to make the best neon possible for my customers, I specialise in script neon and the more complex artwork, Only the best products are used and our machinery is serviced regularly ensuring our Neon is the best quality that can be

Nottingham signs are a Hucknall based sign company in nottingham, they service the Midlands and the east coast of the UK mainly in Skegness and Ingoldmells, supplying new Neon signs and repairing old neon signs. 

If your Neon Sign has stopped working, please call us and we will be able to provide a rapid repair Service.

Nottingham signs are a sign company based in Hucknall in Nottinghamshire, from shop fronts to Neon Signs we are able to fulfill all your signage needs, only using the best quality products your sign will attract customers for many years to come. Our speciality is Neon Signs, working closely with MBNEON you can rest assured your Neon Sign will be expertly made and will light up for many years.